Why people buying a replica handbag wrong

I have issues with anything that takes away the rights or ownership of or not properly compensating the owner of a creative product. It’s why I always try to link the websites where I get the images I post in my answers.

Bag designs, like movies or music, do not just materialize out of thin air. There were people / designers who usually did their research and came up with the concept or design. Anyone who studied fashion know the time devoted to doing research to come up with a design that would be a commercial hit.

My issue with replica and fake bags (I don’t distinguish between the two) is the fact that these manufacturers and retailers are profiting from the hard work of others. I know people would say, but these designer companies are making so much money, why should they care if some small companies copy their designs or pass off these bags as designer bags. It matters. It’s because they came up with the designs, the people who work for them came up with them, they spent the money to manufacture them, promote them and sell them. I liken it to somebody revising for a test, organizing their notes, staying up all night, doing the hard yards so to speak and the next day during exam, a seat mate just copies his answers.

Another more sinister reason is the possibility of who is profiting from these counterfeit bags. Over the years, as people’s desire to own designer bags grew, the counterfeit market grew with it. People who cannot afford to buy the real deal or who refuses to buy the real thing because of the high prices but are happy to buy knock-offs do not seem to realize or don’t bother to question where these replicas / fakes / knock offs are coming from. There had been articles, news reports and even a committee hearing looking into the link between organized crimes or terror groups and these replica bag retailers. I’ve linked some below.

There will be people who will claim that it’s all propaganda, that these articles are funded by corporations to make people buy their products, but I say that if there is smoke, there is fire.

On a last note, I find it strange and even sad that people would buy fake bags. I ask the questions, did they buy it to feel accepted by their peers? If so, do they have an underlying issue related to their self-esteem? because if they don’t, then why the need to buy fakes? If the answer is because they like the style, then they could’ve bought similar styles from legitimate companies.

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