Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour Leather Satchel Bag

Have you seen the Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour Leather Satchel Bag, I don’t mean just seen, but more looked at it, deeply looked at it and appreciated it? If this bag has passed you by and hasn’t knocked you off your feet at first glance let me advise you to take a step back and look at that beauty again.

Why am I so impressed you ask………well let me give you just a few reasons why I think this is the best bag to come along in a very long time.

It was made with the modern woman in mind – From outside looks to its internal features, it is just a well thought out bag. The Sac de Jour is chic and elegant, but most importantly, it is a non-fussy bag that you will find easy to carry.

It won’t date. Simple as that. The Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour Leather Satchel Bag has all the elements of a bag that you’ll be able to pull out of your wardrobe in 10 years and still want use it and still have everyone envying it.

No obvious embellishments, logos or hardware, in fact it’s rather minimal. It’s almost as though the entire bag is one glorious piece of minimalist art, which means you can have fun with the latest trend of personalizing it…..think outside the box and add scarves to the handles of lengths or ribbon. Pom-poms are also rather fashionable of late. Or simply
choose a bright color to stand out. Whatever you choose this bag comes in so many colors there’s a perfect size (or two, three…maybe even four) for everyone.

Celebrities love it too, and come on be honest……us girls always love it when your fave celeb has your fave bag.

The fact in comes in many sizes, because big isn’t always better!

The Birkin influence, there is no getting away from it as it does resemble a Birkin bag, but Heidi Slimane, (creative director) created this bag and openly admitted to drawing inspiration from the Birkin. It is not a case of “Birkin plagiarism more that The Sac de Jour is a masterpiece of its own taking inspiration from the Birkin, which is the most iconic bag across the globe. Saint Laurent has taken the many of the beloved features of the Birkin like its top handles, gussets, and clochette, and modernized them.

So those are my reasons why I love this bag! But as usual my dreams of owning this in the near future were slim unless I was to win the lottery so I decided to trawl the replica sites to see if I could find one…….

I ordered from my tried and tested favorite site which I’ve used many times in the past

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