Designer replica handbags from Canal Street

For decades, tourists flocked to counterfeit centers like Canal Street in New York City, cautiously eavesdropping on the names of designers such as “Gucci” and “Louis” to men and women, introducing them into the secret back room or even (according to my Experience) A long time ago) The trunk of the car in the nearby parking lot was filled with plastic-wrapped wallets. Despite numerous raids, airport interceptions, luxury brand litigation, and the entire coalition dedicated to curbing the production of these illegal counterfeit products, such as the International Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (IACC) and US distribution, the market is still booming and even moving forward.

Counterfeit goods are becoming more and more realistic. Although the distinction between fakes and real handbags used to be a fairly simple and easy process for Google production, some people call it “super fakes”, “three A fakes” or “line exchanges” explode over the past five. About a year. For untrained eyes, they look like real things. You may even own one without knowing it. RealReal once told us that her Alyssa her Balenciaga bag – she bought it at a famous luxury retail chain and had no reason to doubt its authenticity – was fake.

As the designer resale market grows rapidly with the rapid growth of sites such as RealReal and Rebag, these fake packages are given a second life, and their well-trained verifiers are personally aware of how the fakes are now – they can’t Do not overhaul the results of their authentication process.

“Certification is a bit like a virus in the software industry, because those who create viruses tend to be faster than technology,” said Rego CEO and founder Charles Gola. “Our mission is to provide certainty of goods and always try to replace the trend. This is a very difficult thing.” He said that this is because fakes have become more complicated, and some people seem to feel so close to reality. Something so much that “the edge can’t figure it out.”

There are various conflicting stories in determining the origin and spread of “super fakes”. Many experts recently told Vogue UK that these high-quality fakes were produced in the same factory as genuine packaging, and I have heard that as more and more luxury brands transfer production to China and India, The phenomenon has become more and more reasonable. “Sometimes, the factory will produce 10,000 products, then produce 2,000 pieces in operation and sell them cheaply,” Cassandra Hill, a lawyer specializing in intellectual property litigation at Mishcon de Reya, told the magazine.

The speed of counterfeiters is getting faster and faster: “Fake and shoddy products are fast,” Gorra said. “The time between a new package [is being released] and the corresponding fake package entering the market is, even in the three years we have been doing business, it has been incredibly shortened.” Gola said that counterfeiters sometimes Even making seasonal imitations may prove that the old pro “watch now, buy now” saying that displaying items six months in advance helps the counterfeiters. Not only are imitation bags better, but so are jewelry, streetwear and sneakers.

As for where consumers get these items, it is online. According to data from the International Trademark Association, counterfeit goods worth $460 billion were bought and sold last year, and most of the sales took place online. “The online segment is growing exponentially,” said IACC President Bob Barchiesi. Large, insignificant online markets like Ebay, Jet and China’s Alibaba have become a notorious resource for these unreal products.

Barchiesi explained: “People will shop in the market and think they are buying second-hand expensive handbags. This is fake.” “There are many different distribution channels available online for consumers, on the one hand, if they Want to buy fakes, two, if they think they are bargaining, and they are fakes.” Barchiesi said there are also independent websites that look like real retailers, deceiving shoppers who even use real product photos. Only fakes can be shipped. While some shoppers may think they buy genuine products at a discounted price, others may look for high-quality fakes, either directly from the “representatives” in the depths of Reddit or through a dedicated Instagram account. When those shoppers complete these bags, whether they think the bags are genuine, they can try to sell them on sites like Rebag or RealReal.

According to Graham Wetzbarger, chief certified officer of RealReal, shoppers should not believe that bags are “made in the same factory”, not authentic. “You will hear this bag from the story of the same town where Hermès made Birkins, it’s exactly the same leather, just a different studio. They will tell you the best bags.

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